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Power Capes Case Study

In the words of Justin Draplin, Owner

I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to try working with We’ve sold a lot of product on and the company has been great to work with. I really liked the video they did for our product, too.

The Difference

What surprised me the most was how much product sold and how quickly paid. sent full payment in 30 days or less. It’s rare to get paid so quickly. Most companies want net 30 or longer for payment terms. I didn’t have to talk down — they were already very fair.

Fair, Simple, and Friendly

The whole process was pretty simple. It wasn’t as complicated as some companies. isn’t as mean as some companies out there, either. Other companies charge $20 for shipping just one item over what we said we’d ship, or they’d want me to ship, even though I’m giving them a great deal! is one of the best companies out there. I’d give high scores for flexibility, leniency, and having the best terms.